• 07.07.14

Tiny Houses Are About To Invade Your TV Starting This Week

Can a whole family live in a 300-square-foot house? Finally, a TV show comes up with an answer.

Tiny Houses Are About To Invade Your TV Starting This Week

They’ve gotten everything from a New Yorker profile to a feature-length (okay, a short feature) documentary, and now finally the tiny house movement is getting a regular TV show. “Tiny House Nation,” on FYI (formerly known as Bio), premieres this Wednesday.


Tiny homes themselves are often a marvel: tiny, Lego-like inventions, with furniture that serves many purposes and folds away into nothing. Creativity and a bit of handiwork allow people to live in homes as small as this 129-square-foot apartment–or even smaller.

YouTube videos from self-financed filmmakers like Kristen Dirksen garner millions of hits–there’s something about a tiny space, where everything fits just so, that rubs some primordial part of our personalities just the right way. So we’re not at all surprised that the movement is getting a bigger platform, even if it’s a small cable network like FYI.

“Tiny House Nation” shows all elements of the tiny house movement. The show is hosted by John Weisbarth (a career TV host who, FYI is quick to note, is the son of a carpenter) and Zack Giffin (a professional skier who built a very cool mobile tiny home for his ski trips). The two co-hosts will travel the country to find cool tiny homes, as well as helping families construct new tiny homes by using their alleged building expertise. It’s a little bit disappointing that the focus is on the US only; some of the coolest tiny house videos were filmed abroad, like this one, in Spain.

And it’s great that tiny houses are getting a broader platform, as the movement isn’t just about cool videos and cute houses. Tiny houses address real economic, environmental, and social concerns; underlying tiny home construction is a desire to consume less and leave a smaller footprint on the planet.

“Tiny House Nation” premieres this Wednesday, July 9th, at 10pm EST.

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