Spin Saveur’s Slot Machine To Create The Perfect Picnic

Our favorite starts with date, parsley, and sumac quiche and ends with peanut butter pie.

Spin Saveur’s Slot Machine To Create The Perfect Picnic

Saveur magazine has created a slot machine-style picnic recipe generator, and all you have to do is click to spin. It’s a fun twist on the standard recipe planner, and geared to bright flavors and combos that work together. When you “spin,” you get results for what appear to be stellar mains, snacks, sides, sweets, and drinks.

The mains range from an open-faced sardine sandwich to a Niçoise-inspired quiche to a grilled flank steak, all wonderfully convenient picnic items. Snacks include (awesome) classic deviled eggs and less classic (for American picnics) smashed cucumbers with ginger. Sides are riffs on salad, from slaws to pickled or marinated vegetables, and sweets run from cakes to sweet breads to brownie-like bars.

Thoughtfully, some drinks are alcoholic and some are not. None of the recipes seem terribly complicated, and they’re all cheerful concoctions, with looks that please. Flavors seem to be on the zingier side, which we think most people will appreciate.

[H/T Saveur]

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