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Glide On Tram Tracks With Wooden Pallet Skateboard

Artist cruises through Bratislava on DIY skateboard-on-rails.

Glide On Tram Tracks With Wooden Pallet Skateboard

Czech artist Tomáš Moravec has transformed a mere wooden pallet into a skateboard that sits right on the rails of the Bratislava, Slovakia, trolley system, letting him glide through the city freespiritedly. And the system couldn't be simpler: It's just four wheels screwed into the corners of the underside of a single wooden pallet.

Bratislava's tracks, which are narrower than those in Europe and North America, seem built for Moravec's purposes. And we love seeing the wooden shipping pallet—a great, cheap source of structural material—used in surprising ways. It has been used to build a house for refugees and gorgeously architectural office furniture—but we like the fact that this concept is playful and ingenious, and has a touch of inventor-anarchism to boot.

The tracks, by the way, are still active! Moravec glides through the city, occasionally kick-pushing like any skateboarder, while attempting to avoid the trains that, like him, are also skimming along the tracks.

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