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Everyone’s Going Gaga About The Mediocre Women’s World Cup Poster

Does this poster really do justice to the "beautiful game?"

Everyone’s Going Gaga About The Mediocre Women’s World Cup Poster

[Image: Women's soccer via Natursports / Shutterstock]

FIFA has just unveiled its official poster for the 2015 Women’s World Cup in Canada—to be the biggest women's event in FIFA history—and the reaction among the sports blogosphere has been one of awe: it’s been called "amazing," "gorgeous," "ridiculously good," and "one beautiful piece of art." According to, the poster was "designed to reflect the diversity of Canada’s multicultural society and capture the essence of the great Canadian outdoors."

With an illustration of a woman’s face and hair abstracted into a colorful mountainscape and illuminated by a glowing orange soccer ball of a sun, the poster has a slightly imaginative design, but the giddy reaction is a sign of how low the bar is for sports-related graphics. Its faux-parchment background and kitschy quilt-inspired patterns make it look a bit like fan art made for Disney’s Pocahontas.

And while long flowy lady hair may be pretty, the poster doesn't actually depict anyone playing soccer—if you're going to go literal and illustrate a person, you might as well make sure that person is playing the sport the graphic is advertising. (Perhaps next time FIFA should tap designers at Eight By Eight, whose recent gorgeously illustrated soccer magazine did artistic justice to the "beautiful game.")

Hey, at least the poster isn't as ridiculous as the Women's World Cup's official mascot, Shuéme the Young Female Great White Owl (four adjectives in this bird's name!), who looks like an anime character. FIFA describes her as "very much a modern owl" with "stylish hair that exudes self-confidence and pride." Discuss.