• 07.15.14

Watch “Fox & Friends” Try To Critique The Design Of Some Bathroom Signage

Fox & Friends took to the streets to prove gender neutral symbols were too confusing. They found no one was confused.

Watch “Fox & Friends” Try To Critique The Design Of Some Bathroom Signage
[Image: Screenshots via Huffington Post]

Last week, the early-rising conservative hosts of Fox & Friends got a good laugh out of one university’s decision to label some of its restrooms “gender neutral” in the name of gender inclusiveness. The next day, the morning show followed up with what was essentially a design critique: the new gender-neutral signs, which are replacing the “family” signs outside Illinois State University’s single-stall restrooms, are just too confusing.


Co-host Steve Doocy took to the streets of New York City to see what exactly this new restroom symbol conveyed to random “Fox fans” on the street. Spoiler: The signage Fox & Friends showed (different from the signs the university will be using, at right) confused no one.

Here’s how people reacted:

After looking at the sign for a hot second, one of the children in the group answers, “Maybe a family restroom?”

“Restrooms for all genders,” another woman agreed.

Back in the studio, the flummoxed hosts proceeded to pose several critical questions about the signage, like, “Why is the torso so big, and the dress so small?”


We’ve seen better-looking designs to communicate the same idea of a gender-neutral bathroom, but they get the message across just fine that the university is inclusive to transgender and gender nonconforming students, who often become targets for harassment and even violence while using public restrooms.

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