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MoMA Names New Architecture And Design Curator

University of Zurich professor Martino Stierli will join the Museum of Modern Art as the chief curator of architecture and design.

MoMA Names New Architecture And Design Curator

Photo by NCCR Iconic Criticism, University of Basel/Alessandro Frigerio

The Museum of Modern Art has appointed Martino Stierli as its new chief curator of architecture and design, the museum announced Thursday. Stierli, currently a professor teaching the history of modern architecture at the University of Zurich, will fill the vacancy left by Barry Bergdoll, who left the post last summer.

Stierli brings to the table a "solid grounding in the history of modern architecture and art, coupled with a keen interest in contemporary practice," according to MoMA director Glenn Lowry.

"By continually expanding its comprehensive collection, the Department of Architecture and Design has been pivotal to the preservation of modernism for the future, and to making that heritage accessible to scholars and the broader public alike," Stierli said in a press release. "I am excited to continue this tradition at MoMA and look forward to working with the Museum’s extraordinary team to contribute to shaping the current discourse on architecture and the city—locally, nationally, and globally."

In recent months, MoMA has proved especially adept at shaping architectural discourse in New York City—but not necessarily in a good way. The museum ignited a firestorm over its decision to demolish the former Folk Art Museum as part of an expansion plan.

Stierli will not be taking interviews on his new role until after he begins his tenure in March 2015, a MoMA spokesperson said, so we didn't get a chance to ask him what he thinks they'll do with the AFAM facade currently stuck in MoMA storage.