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Meet The Man Branding New York City

You see more of Willy Wong's work than you think.

Meet The Man Branding New York City

[Image: NYC Taxi via guroldinneden / Shutterstock]

Co.Design has partnered with the Brooklyn design studio Hyperakt to bring you Lunch Talks, a video series of conversations with smart, creative people.—Eds

You see more of NYC & Company's work than you think. The agency is responsible for NYC's official website, NYC's tourism website, the rebranded cab logos, and signage in all five boroughs. The team controls the city's intellectual property including marketing, tourism, events, sports, and the waterfront development offices.

Here, NYC & Company's Chief Creative Officer Willy Wong explains how he juggles the city's hundreds of projects, makes tourists feel like insiders, and reinvents New York's forgotten gems.