10 Awesome Photos Of People Shooting Out Of Waterslides

What can you tell about a half-naked human blasting out of a flume? Even after looking through the photography of Iowa-based shutterbug Krista Long, I’m not sure. But one thing’s for sure: on these hot summer days, it makes me want to drive myself to the nearest waterslide park and spend the day slipping and sliding.

In her “I Love Summer” series, Long used a high-speed camera to capture swimmers as they shot out of the end of a water slide. Taken at a local waterpark, Long’s photos reveal that the reactions of bathers dropped down an enclosed tube and then shot out into a swimming pool a hundred feet below range an entire gamut of emotions, from exhilaration to Zen.

Something tells me that if Long parked her camera at the bottom of the recently opened Verrückt waterslide in Kansas City, widely considered to be the scariest waterslide in the world, you’d see a very different caliber of pictures: the faces of human terror, surrounded by a tidal wave of suddenly yellowing water.

See more of Krista Long’s photography here.JB