This School Lunchbox Makes Healthy Food Look Delicious

Batman and Strawberry Shortcake had better watch out: There’s a new lunchbox in town.

OmieBox is a brightly colored update of the traditional school lunchbox, with compartments designed to encourage children to eat healthful meals while making lunch-packing duties easier for Mom and Dad.

An insulated bowl for entree portions keeps food hot or cold, and removable dividers can create up to three additional leak-proof sections. The result: an inviting backdrop for fruits, vegetables, and other foods that might otherwise lose their color or shape during the trip from home to cafeteria. Plus, small details like the shape of the insulated bowl (wide and shallow) and the design of its twist-off top show a careful attention to the needs of little hands. The plastic parts are dishwasher-safe, as well BPA- and phtalate-free.

OmieBox has achieved its Kickstarter fundraising goal and is available for pre-order ($39) in blue, pink, and yellow through August 21.

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