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Infographic of the Day

A Visual Guide To The Perfect Boiled Egg

Do you like your eggs drippy, velvety, or powdery? No matter your taste, this is the resource for you.

A Visual Guide To The Perfect Boiled Egg

Want the perfect hard-boiled egg? Bon Appétit has a graphic to get you there.

We know, it used to be so simple. Grandma would boil the eggs for what seemed like half a day. And whenever you were hungry, she’d hand you one of these sulfur powder bombs filled with a blackening yoke to shut you up. And it did—no whining or sriracha necessary.

But now, an insatiable western appetite for ramen, mixed with hyper scrutiny of Japan’s shokunin ramen chefs, has made us demand, not just hard boiled eggs, but to discriminate the viscosity of 5-minute eggs from 7-minute eggs. We’re insufferable.

Luckily, Bon Appétit is insufferable, too. The magazine has constructed this beautiful grid of boiled eggs to walk you through the ins and outs of egg snobbery. And if you hop over to their site, all the squares with blue dots inside will link you to recipes that break down whether you start with the water boiling or not, how you should salt, and when to shock the eggs in an ice bath.

Try it here.