Hate Assembling Furniture? These Ingenious Tables Snap Together

Soapbox’s furniture doesn’t require tools or confusing instructions to assemble.

For the less-than-handy among us, assembling furniture–even the kind that supposedly only requires a screwdriver–can be a major headache. Asbury Park, New Jersey-based furniture company Soapbox has designed a line of tables perfect for those for whom reading assembly instructions feels like deciphering hieroglyphs.


The company’s Short and Tall Tables don’t require any tools. Instead of fasteners and screws that can loosen over time, clamps of solid steel hold the table surface and legs together at four corners. The simple clamps easily snap into place, and their bright colors make them an intentional, attractive part of the design’s aesthetic.

The solid steel table legs come in a range of colors–teal, orange, blue, green–and the wood surfaces are available in maple, cherry, or walnut.

Short and Tall Tables are available here for $130 to $170.

About the author

Carey Dunne is a Brooklyn-based writer covering art and design. Follow her on Twitter.