Captivating 3-D Scenes Drawn In Just 10 Minutes

Open the 3-D software of your choice. Start with a cube, pane, light source, and camera. Set the timer for 10 minutes. Go. There’s just one goal: Make something beautiful.

This is the premise behind Render Sketch Game, a Tumblr-based creative group for any artist who’d like to try their hand at a quick, 3-D sketch. And even though there are just a few dozen entries so far, the results are gorgeously varied, ranging from geometric abstractions worthy of a 1980s science book cover, to living shapes that bounce like Pixar cartoons, to ethereal scenes housed by humanoids. It really is remarkable to see what can happen to a dumb old cube in 10 minutes (and, in fact, one of my favorite pieces on the list was what I’d least have expected to see: a simple, Rorschach-style silhouette of two faces in 2-D).

For those who prefer the motivation of real-time peer pressure, the Render Sketch Game meets in a Google Hangout every day at 1:30 p.m. mountain time. I assume they wrap things up by about 1:40.

Learn more here.

[Hat tip: Prosthetic Knowledge]MW