This Wireframe Furniture Is Like Software You Can Sit On

What does the chair in your living room look like before it becomes a chair? It looks like a wireframe: a digital skeleton of hidden geometry that only becomes a piece of furniture after it is turned into physical materials like wood, metal, and fabric.

The Wireframe Collection by Taiwan’s Noiz Architects imagines furniture as it would look if it leaped straight from a piece of CAD software directly to your living room.

In 2011, the architects were approached by the National Taipei University of Education and asked to build a number of digitized objects for its on-campus museum lobby. The goal was to better show the design process behind some of the most overlooked objects in our lives.

Using three-millimeter black steel rods twisted and bent to resemble CAD wireframes, Noiz’s series explores the geometry behind the design of more than just furniture. Yes, there is a wireframe reception counter, sofa, chair, and table. But even the museum’s plants have been turned into wireframes, turning the museum lobby into a place where the digital and analog worlds have merged into a single bitspace.

You can see more of Noiz’s work here.

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