The Cutest Pinhole Camera We’ve Seen

Camera designer Kelly Angood is at it again. Less than a year since shipping her medium format pinhole “Videre” cameras to over 800 Kickstarter backers, Angood has launched a new campaign to support the production of Viddy, Videre’s “little sibling.”

Viddy arrives as a flat-pack, DIY kit printed on thick cardboard, like its predecessor. But the new and improved design is half the size of Videre, easier to assemble, and available in four colors. It’s compatible with medium format and 35mm film.

“To me it’s really important to get these little features right,” Angood told Co.Design last spring, noting the difficulty of perfecting details like the vintage-style “texture” on the cardboard punch-card.

Pinhole and Polaroid cameras have experienced a resurgence in popularity in recent years as filter-weary photographers look for ways to return the documentary art to its roots. Rather than a lens, a pinhole camera features a simple hole; the photographer controls the shot by adjusting the exposure time. For amateur photographers looking for guidance, Angood is developing an app that recommends precise exposure times based on film speed and light conditions.

You can pre-order Viddy here through September 7.AH