• 08.04.14

Slow-Mo Film Makes Summer In NYC Look Gorgeous

Even the pigeons. Seriously.

During the sweat-drenched days of summer, it’s hard to think of the giant urban toaster oven known as New York City as a beautiful place. The pervading smell of rotting trash tends to ruin the fantasy, to be honest.


Brooklyn-based documentary filmmmaker and cinematographer Tim Sessler’s latest video argues otherwise. The wordless, slow-motion journey through the streets of Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens presents New York City at its most picturesque–Manhattanhenge, water balloon fights in the park, visits to the dog run, skateboarding under the Brooklyn Bridge. Even pigeons can look good through the right lens. Really.

About the author

Shaunacy Ferro is a Brooklyn-based writer covering architecture, urban design and the sciences. She's on a lifelong quest for the perfect donut.