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Obama Campaign Designer On How To Create A Winning Political Brand

"Use red, white, and blue! Don't fuck around. . . . It's America."

[Image: Ipcar's design for Obama 2012 campaign]

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Matt Ipcar worked on the Blue State Digital team that created President Obama's 2012 campaign design—the matte blues and 2012 Obama-Biden logo with the incorporated 2008 sunrise by Sender LLC we've all seen countless times. What Ipcar calls the "aspirational" glowing was made matte because Obama was no longer aspiring to be president—he already was.

Designers should borrow from others when possible, he says; for instance, he adopted Tobias Frere-Jones's typeface Gotham* for the Obama campaign. Another tip for designers working on political campaigns: "Use red, white, and blue! Don't fuck around. We're not ready for green. It's America."

An earlier version of this article mis-credited the typeface. We regret the error.

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