This Cute Coffee Cup Goes From Happy To Mad With A Simple Twist

The morning coffee line at Starbucks is not a friendly place. It’s a queue of grumpy addicts tolerating one another in the loosest sense for the five minutes it takes to get a frappe soy latte with no foam. I SAID NO FOAM. I WILL DRINK COFFEE FROM YOUR SKULL!

But these adorable, limited edition coffee cups by Backbone Branding, for the Armernian-based Gawatt coffee shop, imagine a better way. Each cup has a cartoon face hidden behind a sleeve functioning as a mask. And when you twist the cup, the eyes and mouth switch, taking that face from grumpy to surprised to happy. (Or, you know, it can just stay at grumpy–whatever you want.) The idea is that the cup mirrors your emotion.

What’s particularly great is it’s just a simple trick of paper that’s not much more wasteful than your average coffee cup. It only relies on a custom coffee sleeve to work, a tool not so different than one of those please-don’t-melt-my-hand cardboard koozies.

Obviously, you could use this same trick to do all sorts of things with cups, from creating spinnable quizzes to mad-libs-style stories. Even so, there is something particularly appealing about this little cartoon figure holding your caffeine, as if it’s some sort of emotional avatar that can carry your mental baggage during your morning commute. Just watch yourself, Mr. Morning Person. Don’t make your cup smile at me this morning or I WILL DRINK COFFEE FROM ITS SKULL!

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[Hat tip: Packaging of the World]