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Cameron Sinclair Launches New Prize For Crappy Architecture

The prize, a sort of Razzies for architecture, will call out designs that cause environmental harm.

Cameron Sinclair Launches New Prize For Crappy Architecture
[Photo: Power Plant via Shutterstock]

A new competition created by Architecture for Humanity co-founder Cameron Sinclair will recognize the worst of design—projects that actively harm the planet.

Called the Dead Prize, the award will bring attention to the failures of engineers, architects, and designers whose buildings have proved catastrophic for the environment. Sinclair, a self-described "eternal optimist," envisions this race to the bottom as a way to get designers thinking about how to fix the environmental failures of the past.

Cameron Sinclair

"We don't believe in being negative, our focus is to discover what the benchmark is to design against or getting a better understanding of how a design failed or was intentionally harmful," according to the Dead Prize website. "It is our hope that like-minded designers see these failures as a challenge to create something new, to correct the mistakes of the past, or to find the antidote for the project in question."

Nominations for this year’s prize will be accepted through Nov. 1.

[H/T Archinect]