The Wall Hook Redesigned For The 21st Century

People have been screwing hooks into their walls for hundreds of years to hang their hats, coats, and umbrellas on, and it works well enough. You’d never think to redesign a wall hook in a million years, which is why the Loop is just so damn brilliant. It proves that the simplest inventions are often most ripe for innovation.

Designed by Spanish and Mexican design studio LaSelva, the Loop isn’t all that much more complicated in design than the wall hook it is meant to replace. It’s made up of a small block of wood, a couple of screws, and a thin ribbon of metal or polypropylene. Installing it is about as simple as screwing a hook into a wall.

But don’t let that fool you. The Loop is infinitely more adjustable than any wall hook.

The secret is in the eponymous loop of ribbon. It can be manually lengthened, so the Loop can grow or shrink depending on what you want to do with it. Using a short loop, you can use it to hang a single umbrella on the wall, but with a longer loop, it could play hangman to half-a-dozen coats at once.

The Loop can also work like a dock. Flip the Loop upside down so that the ribbon forms a cone, and you can hang your smartphone from the wall, or turn the Loop into an ad hoc magazine rack you can stuff your latest periodicals into.

It looks good, too. Hanging on a wall, the Loop resembles a disembodied men’s shirt collar (a good thing!).

The Loop isn’t on the market yet. LaSelva Studio is trying to raise funds to make it a reality. You can preorder a Loop for yourself on Kickstarter, starting at just $25.JB