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Paul Rand's Classic "Thoughts On Design" Back In Print

The seminal graphic design text has been hard to find for decades, but will soon be available again in both paperback and e-book formats.

Paul Rand's Classic "Thoughts On Design" Back In Print

First published in 1947, Paul Rand's Thoughts On Design is one of graphic design's seminal texts. Writing at the height of his career, the legendary designer passionately argued over the course of the book's 96 pages that design should seamlessly integrate form and function: a philosophy that has inspired everyone from Apple's Jonathan Ive to Pentagram's Michael Bierut.

But the book, out of print for almost 40 years, is maddeningly difficult to get a hold of, with used copies regularly selling for more than $200 on Amazon. Now, Chronicle Books plans to republish the book just a few days after what would have been Paul Rand's 100th birthday.

The new edition features a foreword by Bierut and will be available in multiple formats, including a $15 paperback and a $10 Kindle e-book. The book will go on sale on August 19; you can pre-order a copy now through Amazon. Here's hoping that this edition of Thoughts On Design makes just as big of an impact on the designers of tomorrow as it has on the design greats of today.