Planet Earth Through a Kaleidoscope Looks Pretty Rad

Remember a few years back when you gathered a friend’s apartment–the one with the nice TV–and excitedly watched the Planet Earth nature documentary without a hint of irony, without that faux enthusiasm saved for Shark Week, or worse, Sharknado? You never knew it then, but those were the good times.

Well now they’re back! Sort of.

Finding himself inspired by the series, video artist Idam Adam filtered the 42-minute Mountains episode[/i] through a series of kaleidoscope filters. David Attenborough’s storybook narration was stripped away, too, leaving only the kokopelli-inspired orchestral track and the natural grunts, hoots, and hooves of the animals.

The result is a radical stream of visual imagery, elevated by Planet Earth’s audial gravitas, that anyone is free to use or remix as they see fit. But, great as it is, I still miss Attenborough. And no, Oprah just wasn’t the same.

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[h/t: The Creator’s Project]