Gorgeous John Lautner House Featured In “Less Than Zero” Is For Sale, Only $7.5 Million

Silvertop, the Los Angeles residence that served as a backdrop for the 1987 Robert Downey Jr. film Less Than Zero, has been put on the market. The house, an early residential project by influential Southern California architect John Lautner, was originally built as a home for Kenneth Reiner, a Los Angeles engineer and industrialist.

When Reiner went bankrupt, the house ended up in the hands of the Burchill family, who worked with Lautner to complete the residence. In 1976, they moved in. Now in her nineties, Jacklyn Burchill has put the house on the market for $7.5 million. That’s a bargain compared to some of Lautner’s other houses. A home he built for Bob Hope in Palm Springs originally listed for $50 million last year.

Lautner, known for his space-age flair, designed houses that were practically tailor-made for Hollywood appearances. His work has shown up in everything from Diamonds Are Forever to The Big Lebowski to The Simpsons. The engineering marvel known as Silvertop features a dramatically curved roof that blends into the surrounding hillside, a cantilevered concrete driveway, and one of the first infinity pools.

[h/t the Wall Street Journal]SF