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360-Degree Camera Captures Chilling Destruction In Gaza

The panoramic footage reveals the devastation wrought by Israeli air strikes on the farming village of Khuza'a, Gaza.

The Telegraph has created a powerful encapsulation of the hell that is Gaza right now using a 360-degree camera. Panoramic footage captured the devastation wrought by Israeli air strikes and tanks on the small farming village of Khuza’a, Gaza.

The entire town, less than half a mile away from Gaza’s south-eastern border with Israel, was leveled after an assault that began July 20. Under fire from all directions, mosque domes were destroyed, streets were flattened, and most of the area's 14,000 inhabitants were forced to flee. The wreckage from the bombardment is captured here, the village deserted under an eerily clear blue sky.

See the full panorama over at The Telegraph.

[Images: via The Telegraph]

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  • dnkas1

    Farming village...apparently they were farming rockets that were sent to Israel. Where do you live, can we assume from your incredibly shallow report that you won't mind if your neighbor fires rockets at your home? Where are the pictures of the over 3000 rockets fired indescriminantly at the citizens of Israel, many of which came from this farming village...please? I am removing Fast Company from my reading list for carrying this unbelievably biased piece of trash.

  • Hi Basim. I'm not sure about DNKASI's source but my source is my own eyes. I was there, I took care of the aftermath of these rockets, found some of them just meters from people's homes and some of them inside people's livingrooms. This is where people raise their children and sit down to eat dinner. You can argue about what you see in the news but you can't argue with explosives and metal that falls out of the sky. Especially not with someone who has touched them and got rid of them himself. I urge you to educate yourself regarding these matters.

  • Addison Double

    That is not EVEN close to "360" degree coverage. Look closely

    Also, there is no way to know whether or not rockets were fired from there before the Israeli Army leveled the place.

    And if I were living next to a bunch of angry idiots that kept shooting rockets at me, I would be inclined to respond accordingly.

    I am NOT a big fan of Israel, but let's get serious. This is WHO'S fault?