Design Nerd Alert: Wall Calendar Honors A New Typeface Every Month

A new calendar presents 12 typefaces and their histories for 365 days of design nerdery.

If you’re a typography freak, a new wall calendar from Workman Publishing, will indulge your nerdery 365 days a year. The calendar presents a different typeface each month, detailing its history, usage, foundries, and designers. It also diagrams x-height, cap height, glyph width, and other elements no one but typographers care about.


April’s calendar girl Caslon was known as the script of kings, and was used for the official printing of the Declaration of Independence. August pays homage to Gill Sans, designed for the London Underground and often referred to as the quintessential English font, used by the BBC and the Church of England. February is the month of Matrix, the first typeface designed on a Mac, and November gives us 30 days of Bauhaus’s rounded forms. The names of weekdays and numbered days of the month are printed in different styles and weights of the typefaces–light, extra bold, italic, snell, shadowed–to visualize the versatility of their letterforms. The only problem will be defiling all this perfectly set type with your commitments penned in cramped, unevenly spaced handwriting.

The Just Type 2015 wall calendar is available from Workman Publishing here for $13.99.

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Carey Dunne is a Brooklyn-based writer covering art and design. Follow her on Twitter.