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Turn Your World Into A Secret Message With This iPhone App

In Knit, you can pin virtual notes to real-world locations for your friends and loved ones.

Turn Your World Into A Secret Message With This iPhone App
[Photo: Flickr user Luka Ivanovic]

Knit is a new iOS app designed by Treble Apps that aims to make your iPhone a decoder for a world of secret messages, pinned to real-world locations by your friends and loved ones.

In execution, Knit is like a less random version of Slight, an app designed by London-based artist Jon Nash earlier this year that allowed you to pin digital messages to virtual locations. Come in GPS range of a message with your phone, and Knit would let you read it. But while Slight was anonymous by design, Knit only works within your circle of friends. That makes Knit slightly less likely to be abused by randos looking to give other people on the service a scare (“DON’T MOVE. I’M RIGHT BEHIND YOU”): you have to actually know who they are for them to leave you a note.

If you belong to Knit, you can drop a virtual note at any real-world location for a friend. Next time they are there, Knit will send them a push notification on their iPhone, alerting them to the hidden message. In the video teaser of the service, for example, a husband coming home at the end of a hard day at work receives a suggestive note as he walks through the door: “I’m upstairs. Bring the wine.” He then grabs a bottle of wine with roughly a tablespoon of Malbec remaining and stumbles up the stairs with his pants around his ankles. And scene.

Of course, that’s only one possible use case scenario for Knit. Another is the one my wife came up with after telling her about the app just an hour ago. Entering the bathroom just a few minutes ago, Knit alerted me to a new message from Brittany M. “Remember to flush this time. PLEASE.” I may very well have just opened up an entirely new medium through which we can send one another passive aggressive notes.

You can download Knit for free from the App Store here.

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