Watch The Trailer For Björk’s Epic New Documentary

Icelandic pop goddess Björk’s 2011 tour for her eighth studio album Biophilia was a pyrotechnic, multi-sensory performance featuring Tesla coils, a pendulum harp, a gold lamé-clad women’s choir, a hybrid gamelan-celesta, and–if that all wasn’t enough–the singer strutting around in a massive orange wig.

If you missed the epic show, it was all captured and packaged together for her new documentary, Biophilia Live. Directed by Nick Fenton and Peter Strickland, it reveals the multidisciplinary collaboration between artists, designers, scientists, and David Attenborough (!), who narrates the trippy nature videos that were projected as backdrops during the tour with the same gravitas as his work on Planet Earth.

The trailer premiered this week on The Creators Project, and a list of screenings are available here (the film is primarily premiering at science and art festivals around the world). Some of the screenings will be paired with When Björk Met David Attenborough, a 2013 documentary about the duo’s relationship and love of music and technology.

Biophilia’s accompanying app was the first to be added to the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art, which will be devoting a retrospective to the otherworldly artist next March.

So put on your giant orange wigs, Iris Van Herpen bubble dresses, and cook up some fairy dust-sprinkled popcorn: It’s time to enter the singular world of Björk.

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