18 Cards For Type Lovers Who Hate Hallmark

Since their launch in 2009, four-man design group Friends of Type has posted hundreds of bold, brightly colored typographic drawings, doodles, and experiments on their website–it’s a collaborative sketchbook of sorts. Now, 100 of Friends of Type’s most popular designs have been turned into a boxed set of postcards, called “Keep Fresh, Stay Rad,” from Princeton Architectural Press.

The “Friends,” Aaron Carambula, Erik Marinovich, Jason Wong, and Dennis Payongayong, met in New York City while working at various design agencies, and founded the site as an outlet for their more personal work, inspired by skateboarding, ‘80s pop culture, graffiti, comics, and hip hop and punk band logos, with some calligraphy thrown in.

“Keep Fresh, Stay Rad” is organized into thematic categories like optimism, affection, and strong language. Some of the postcards make standard greeting card sentiments appear fresh with zany lettering and illustration (“I’m sorry” spelled from an unraveling cassette tape, “Good Luck” on a rose-adorned horseshoe). Others offer subversive typophiles a refreshing alternative to Hallmark treacle (“24 Hours in a Day, 24 beers in a case. Coincidence? I think not”).

Also included in the box set is a 24-page mini-zine, in which the designers share their creative wisdom revealing how everything they make starts out as a hand-drawn sketch. “A super shitty day can result in a kind of visual venting therapy session,” goes one typical revelation.

The 100-postcard box set, “Keep Fresh, Stay Rad” is available for $19.95 here.CD