A 3-D Printed Wedding Ring For Your Creative Partner

There are some bonds that are forged in conditions that speak to everything that is noble within the human soul. We often mark these bonds with mementos. Two soldiers caught behind enemy lines who support each other through years of interment might choose to wear each other’s dog tags when they finally come home. Or two orphans separated during childhood might be reunited one day when they discover after a chance meeting on the street that they are both still carrying around two halves of matching medallions around their necks.

But what about other types of bonds? The bond forged, say, between an art director and a copywriter over 1GB of pitch-related PDF materials and a greasy takeout container in the middle of the night? Don’t they deserve some sort of memento to mark their shared experience? Something that says: “Yes. We are partners. Not that kind of partner. More like a regular day-to-day colleague in creative endeavors. But still. We’re in this together.”

The Creative Promises Collection by designer James H. Goldberg aims to be just that sort of shared memento. Resembling a nail that has been hammered into the shape of a ring, it’s meant to mark the bond of creative mediocrity forged between two mid-level creatives within the belly of a modern marketing firm. You can even use it like a wedding ring, telling the world that you’re happily betrothed: the Hoefler to Frere-Jones. (Although that didn’t actually work out too well.)

The Creative Promises Collection is obviously tongue-in-cheek, but the rings are real products that can be purchased in black, silver, or gold for $99.JB