Netflix’s First Virtual Reality Experience Could Be An Onion Parody

In a hackathon over at Netflix, the company’s engineers and designers spent a day building a small pile of new user interfaces for the preeminent streaming movie service. The most notable one hacks an Oculus Rift virtual reality headset. You fly through space, gesturing with your hands to find your movie. And when you do?

SWOOOOSSSHH!!! You’re transported through time, space, maybe a wormhole or something, into . . . into . . . A DARK ROOM TO WATCH A MOVIE.

Really. Turn your head left or right, and you see the edges of the screen give way to a black room. In a fantastically unintentional piece of self-parody, Netflix has used virtual reality to simulate the experience of watching Netflix.

What will they think up next?

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[h/t: the Verge]MW