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Watch: An Epic Time-Lapse Of Burning Man

Avoid the scorching heat and insufferable tech bros, and watch this 7-minute video of trippy art, fireworks, and desert sunrises.

[All Images: Roy Two Thousand]

If you’ve ever entertained fantasies of going to Burning Man, the annual week-long art and music festival in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert, but don’t want to A) buy an expensive plane ticket, B) risk disrupting your square life with a Peyote freakout, or C) be another techie-billionaire-posing-as-hippie cliche), now you can not go and say you did: just watch this time-lapse of Burning Man 2013. In "Lake of Dreams," filmmaker Roy Two Thousand captures how the empty, barren desert transforms into a bacchanalian festival filled with face-painted fire-poi dancers, massive glowing pyramids, giant naked lady sculptures, fireworks, and unreal sunrises.

[h/t Vimeo Staff Picks]