The Goal Board Is A Calendar For Your Ambition

We all have goals beyond getting our job done. Here’s a tool to help reach them.

Emails. Phone calls. Deliverables. There’s always work to do. And somewhere, buried beneath all that logistical rubble, sit our careers, and beneath those, our grander dreams. But you know what? Dreams don’t show up in GCal.


Enter the Goal Board, a scheduler for your ambition. Designed by Pivit Labs, the creators of the charming Linear Calendar, the Goal Board simplifies your life into a three-layer hierarchy: At the bottom, what you want to complete this month; above that, what you want to accomplish this quarter; and on top, what you want to achieve this year.

“The Goal Board was inspired by long, directionless meetings followed by short, sad meetings in which we realized that we’ve been working on the wrong things,” lead designer Jeff Schwarting explains. “We realized we needed a repository for our goals that was both permanent and publicly visible at all times, and thus was born the Goal Board.”

Schwarting says the Goal Board is designed to “be impossible to ignore.” But it isn’t an obtrusive presence. It’s designed to squeeze into almost any context. As a 24-inch-by-36-inch poster, it’s sized to fit inside a stock frame and be hung wherever. If you add a layer of glass on top, you can use the Goal Board as a whiteboard and stick on Post-it notes with reckless abandon. Since the board doesn’t have dates, you can use it year after year.

There’s no doubt that it would be easier to maintain the Goal Board if it were just a digital tool, but the Goal Board isn’t meant to be easy. “It’s not something that can be stowed in a drawer and forgotten, or used fleetingly on a computer or smartphone and then forgotten,” Schwarting writes. The Goal Board is meant to nag you into achieving your goals.


“I want the Goal Board to make me feel like like I’m not missing anything,” Schwarting writes. “Like I’m spending my time on worthwhile things and I’m making a significant impact on the world.”

The Goal Board is on Kickstarter now for $30.

Order it here.

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