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Artist Buries $16,000 Worth Of Gold On A Beach For People To Dig Up And Keep

A gold rush begins today at Folkestone Beach in England, where artist Michael Sailstorfer has buried treasure.

[Top Photo: Flickr user Bank of England]

Digging for buried treasure is no longer just for pirates: Berlin-based artist Michael Sailstorfer has buried 30 gold bars, worth $16,574, in the sands of Folkestone Beach in southeast England. Today, once the tide went out, it was finders keepers.

Flickr user Stab At Sleep

The public artwork, called Folkestone Digs, is part of the Folkestone Triennial, and was commissioned by Bristol-based arts producers Situations in an effort to change perceptions of what public art can be. ("Free gold!" is one way to go.)

The bars are of various sizes and stamped with "Made in London," and some are worth up to several hundred British pounds—but may ultimately be worth more, given their status as capital-A art.

[h/t the Guardian]