Movie Monsters Deconstructed Into Ikea Instruction Manuals

Putting together furniture using Ikea’s wordless, line-drawn instruction manuals can be a horror show, which is what it makes it a particularly good format for deconstructing Hollywood’s monster squad. In these hysterical send-ups of Ikea instruction manuals and classic movie monster lore, illustrator Ed Harrington re-imagines Hellraiser’s Cenobites, Friday The 13th’s Jason Voorhees, the Human Centipede (er, Hümån Centipedë), and Edward–sorry, Edvård–Scissorhands.

Some monsters are, of course, easier to construct at home than others. For The Human Centipede, the parts list is relatively straightforward: 1x scalpel, 1x stapler, 1x needle-and-thread, 3x perturbed-looking Ikea men, and, of course, the ubiquitous Torx wrench.

A Brundlefly, however, requires two Cronenbergian teleportation pods, and to make your own Cenobite, you not only need 50 nails, but your own working Lament Configuration puzzle box, which these days can be pretty hard to get your hands on outside of a Moroccan antiques bazaar. And if you think Ikea is already good at destroying relationships, better not try to put together a Voorhees with your new girlfriend.

If you like these, Ed Harrington has a Tumblr full of similarly fun illustrations here.