This Home Office Is A Backyard Hideaway

The home office can be both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, you never have to leave home. On the other hand, you never leave home.

London-based architects Platform 5 has a solution for those who want to work from home without going crazy around the house: a backyard office. Built for a London family who needed a bit of extra space upon the arrival of another child, the “shoffice,” a shed-office combo, is a clever way to take advantage of a long, skinny backyard.

The semicircular, curved timber structure sits wedged between the walls of the backyard. The structure is split down the middle into a glass-encased office and an open-air covered shed. Inside, a small desk just big enough for a computer and a lamp abuts a few shelves for storage. Skylights bring plenty of natural light into the space.

Those few feet of backyard make for a short commute, but the design serves as a physical separation between work and home. It’s just far enough away to feel removed from the main house, but close enough to glance up and see what’s going on inside. More professional than a spare bedroom, but still within a few steps of the kitchen snack pantry at all times.SF