Famous Designers Destroy Moleskine Notebooks In The Most Awesome Way Possible

A notebook is an indispensable tool for many designers, whether it’s used for brainstorming, making lists, doodling, or something else entirely. And in some designers’ hands, a notebook can become more than just a tool–it can evolve into an art object in itself.

At London Design Festival this year, Moleskine is exhibiting the sketchbooks of designers from around the world. They’re culled from Moleskine’s Detour project, a traveling group show that features more than 250 notebooks filled by famous artists, designers, and writers. The Moleskines shown here were chosen because their creators chose to play with the design of the physical book itself in quirky, unexpected ways, turning the sketchbooks into sculptures.

GamFratesi turns a splayed-open notebook into the pitched roof of a tiny house; Oki Sato, founder of the Japanese design studio Nendo, carves the tops of the notebook’s pages into a landscape of little paper trees; and Tord Boontje cut an accordion notebook into intricate floral filigree. As e-notebooks usurp the analog notebook, these Moleskines are a gorgeous reminder of the limits of digital.

The notebooks are on view at London Design Festival from September 13 to September 21.

[h/t Alto Magazine] CD