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EBay Makes New York Fashion Week Street Style Instantly Shopable

The e-marketplace is launching a shopable "inspiration hub," which will allow you to discreetly cop the styles of fashion show attendees.

EBay Makes New York Fashion Week Street Style Instantly Shopable
[Photo: Flickr user Susan Sermoneta]

New York Fashion Week is often as much about ogling street styles as ogling runway styles. This year, eBay is making it easier than ever to cop the styles of fashionistas attending shows with a shopable "inspiration hub" set up on site at Lincoln Center, Fashion Week's ground zero.

Starting today, the e-marketplace will dispatch photographers to document the looks of fashion show attendees, and at the hub, they’ll track down retail listings on their site of similar styles. They've also hired tastemakers to contribute ideas, pictures of which will live online at Users are encouraged to submit their own fashion week photos with the hashtag #ShopInspired.

The hub is a way for eBay to capitalize on fashion-minded consumers' desire to steal all the clothes off the backs of glamorous fashion week attendees, and it's part of the e-commerce giant's continued expansion into the world of high fashion—in June, eBay launched shops for major fashion designers.

[h/t WWD]