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Announcing The Finalists Of The 2014 Innovation By Design Awards

Meet the 51 finalists from our Innovation by Design Awards.

That's proven by the finalists from our 2014 Innovation by Design competition, chosen from 1,587 boundary-pushing entries. All are listed here, and category winners will be announced at our conference in New York on October 15. Learn more at


  • Aros Smart Window Air Conditioner By Quirky and GE
  • August Smart Lock By Fuseproject
  • Kano Computer Kit By MAP
  • littleBits Space Kit By littleBits and NASA
  • Nike Magista Football Boots By Nike
  • Pencil By FiftyThree

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  • McDonald's 21st-Century Operating Platform By McDonald's
  • MyMagic+ By Walt Disney Parks and Resorts
  • PillPack By PillPack
  • The Scarecrow By Chipotle and Creative Artists Agency
  • SmartWalk By TransitScreen

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  • Melon By Melon and Ideo
  • PillPack (second category) By PillPack
  • PullClean By Altitude Medical
  • Reebok Checklight By Reebok and MC10
  • Restoring Natural Sensory Feedback in Real-Time Bidirectional Hand Prostheses By EPFL and SSSA Labs

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Data Visualization

  • Immersion By César Hidalgo, Deepak Jagdish, Daniel Smilkov (MIT Media Lab)
  • LEED Dynamic Plaque By Ideo and U.S. Green Building Council
  • Major League Baseball Team Values By Bloomberg Visual Data
  • Mapdwell Solar System By Mapdwell
  • The Solar System: Our Home in Space By Kurzgesagt
  • Timescape By Local Projects

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Social Good

  • 20K House Product Line By Rural Studio
  • By i am OTHER
  • BioLite HomeStove By BioLite
  • Color + City By CUBOCC
  • The Miraclefeet Brace By Ian Connolly and Jeffrey Yang
  • Tiny Miracles Foundation By Pepe Heykoop

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  • inForm By Sean Follmer, Hiroshi Ishii, Daniel Leithinger (MIT Tangible Media Group)
  • KissCam By taliaYstudio
  • The Machine to Be Another By BeAnotherLab
  • Morph By Seymourpowell
  • Project Loon By Google X

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  • Monument Valley By ustwo
  • NYT Now By The New York Times
  • Plotagon Mobile By Plotagon
  • Reporter for iPhone By Nicholas Felton
  • Storehouse By Storehouse Media

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  • 40 Days of Dating By Jessica Walsh and Timothy Goodman
  • Divvy By Ideo and Firebelly Design
  • Everytown for Gun Safety By Purpose
  • Munchery By Munchery
  • WalkNYC By PentaCityGroup

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  • CityHome By Oier Ariño, Phillip Ewing, Daniel Goodman, Hasier Larrea (MIT Media Lab Changing Places group)
  • inForm (second category) By Sean Follmer, Hiroshi Ishii, Daniel Leithinger (MIT Tangible Media Group)
  • Pocket Printer By Zuta Labs
  • Puzzle Facade By Javier Lloret
  • Rapid Packing Container By Chris Curro and Henry Wang

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  • CityFarm By Caleb Harper (MIT Media Lab)
  • Gammel Hellerup High School Multipurpose Hall By BIG (Bjarke Ingels Group)
  • Memory Wound—July 22 Memorial Site By Jonas Dahlberg Studio
  • People St By the L.A. Department of Transportation
  • Street Charge By Pensa

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A version of this article appeared in the October 2014 issue of Fast Company magazine.

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