The Finalists Of The 2014 Innovation By Design Awards: Graphic

The Finalists Of The 2014 Innovation By Design Awards: Graphic

That’s proven by the finalists from our 2014 Innovation by Design competition, chosen from 1,587 boundary-pushing entries. All are listed , and category winners will be announced at our conference in New York on October 15. Learn more at

40 Days of Dating

By Jessica Walsh and Timothy Goodman
Two single friends date each other for 40 days and chronicle the adventure on a beautifully designed blog. The result: fame, a movie deal, and afterward, a breakup.

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By Ideo and Firebelly Design
The branding for Chicago’s bicycle-sharing system is designed to draw first-time cyclists: Its light-blue color palette is calming, and its logo’s double Vs evoke bike-lane signage.

WINNER Everytown for Gun Safety

By Purpose
This two million-plus member advocacy group visualized disturbing statistics in a powerful anti-gun violence campaign.


By Munchery
West Coast delivery service Munchery sends out food chilled, which preserves freshness, for customers to heat, all from a constantly changing menu of 60 to 75 items a day.

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By PentaCityGroup
Pentagram partnered with NYC’s Department of Transportation to create this wayfinding system with a custom visual vocabulary to help pedestrians get where they’re going.

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