Report: Marc Newson Joining BFF Jony Ive On Apple’s Design Team


Report: Marc Newson Joining BFF Jony Ive On Apple’s Design Team
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Designer Marc Newson is joining the Apple design team, according to a statement the company provided to Vanity Fair.


Newson is a prolific designer whose work spans cameras, cars, shoes, household appliances and even jetpacks. Oh, also watches. Though Newson will continue to work on projects outside Apple as well, he will be traveling between his home in the U.K. and Apple’s Silicon Valley headquarters to work with his longtime friend, Apple senior vice president of design Jony Ive.

It’s not much of a surprise that the two decided to make their professional relationship a little more official. The design legends previously collaborated on Bono’s (RED) auction to raise money for the Global Fund, teaming up to design a 1.5-ton desk and Leica camera, as well as curating and customizing other items in the auction.

“When we’re together, Jony and I are always talking about design and making things,” Newson told Co.Design last year.

Might we start to see Newson’s bold, space-age aesthetic show up in Apple’s famously minimalist designs? With Apple’s iPhone (and possibly iWatch) announcement coming up on September 9, we might soon get the answer to that question.

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