Watch: The Sounds Of Clothing, Recreated With Plungers, Salt, And Umbrellas

Artists Lenert & Sander recreate the subtle sounds your clothing make in a mesmerizing new film.

Fashionistas pay plenty of attention to what clothing looks like, but it’s rare much thought is given to what it sounds like. In their strangely mesmerizing new short film, The Sound of COS, Dutch artists Lenert & Sander recreate the zips of zippers, the clacks of heels, the pops of collars, and the jingles of keys as a soundtrack for the autumn 2014 lookbook of the high-end H&M brand COS.


The pair manufactures these sounds not with clothing itself, but with unlikely noisemakers in their studio: they rub oven mitts, crackle salt, open umbrellas, and pop plungers. By engaging the sense of hearing instead of making yet another porny fashion film, the duo heightens your other senses, too, placing fresh attention on the clothing itself.

[h/t It’s Nice That]

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