Stretchable Shelves Hold All Those Books You’ll Never Read

It’s the conundrum of any Ikea visit. How big do you go? Do you buy enough storage for right now, or do you pad it out? One way, you have a bunch of tchotchkes sitting on the floor in two years. The other, you live in an abandoned library.

The Set, by Austrian designer Stephanie Hornig, is a clever approach to expandable shelving. It uses a scissor frame so if you need just a little storage, squeeze the scissor shut. If you need a lot of storage, stretch it wide. The powder-coated steel shelving contains notching that can lock the frame into one of three widths.

Just two catches to the design: First, in its thinnest configuration, you’ll have to find some spot to store the unused shelving. And secondly, the Set appears to lose a bit of height as it grows in width. (But just turn all those encyclopedias sideways and you’ll be fine.)

Unfortunately, the Set appears to only be a prototype that never hit the market.

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[h/t: Notcot]MW