A Beautiful Furniture Line That Grows With Your Kid, From Baby To Teen

The cost of raising a child in the U.S. these days, from birth to 18? Over $300,000, adjusting for inflation.

New furniture brand Dot and Cross, launched last month at the London Design Festival, aspires to reduce that parental burden with a collection of products that adapt over time as children grow from snuggle-worthy baby to sprawling teen.

Some items undergo a functional transformation; a convertible bed, for example, transitions from crib to sofa with the removal of a panel of wooden bars, and an easel-style drawing board rotates on its stand to become a desk. Other items, like a bookcase, are more traditionally modular; they can be combined and reconfigured. The understated color palette of pale wood, white, and blue-green tones allows the collection to fade into the background whether the bedrooms are strewn with baby rattles or last week’s socks.

The furniture savings may not be enough to offset the cost of all those soccer camps, but they’re a start.AH