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Finally, Ikea Furniture You Can Build In 5 Minutes

Put that hex wrench down. Ikea’s newest line of furniture requires no tools and no loose pieces.

Ikea furniture seems like such a good deal, until you get it home and realize that you have to spend half a day or more building it. Ikea’s new Regissör line is an attempt to address this pain point. The company promises that its new bookshelf, cabinets, and coffee table can be constructed in a mere five minutes.

How is this possible? To make the builds quicker, Ikea has deviated from the norm in a few ways: Most boards in the Regissör line are now wedge-shaped on their ends, to lean into one another at 45-degree angles, rather than connect at more precarious 90-degree angle. From what we can tell, this creates a more self-supportive structure that can get by with Ikea’s new pre-installed wooden dowels at each joint, rather than the screw-and-lock components Ikea uses today. The Regissör line also uses a lighter board with a mostly hollow, latticed skeleton structure inside. This weight reduction may further remove stress from joints.

You have to wonder about the long-term durability of furniture that consists of even less wood and screws than its forebears. But assuming Regissör holds up, Ikea’s new approach could save humanity countless hours of expletives.

The Regissör line includes a bookcase, a coffee table, and four cabinets, with prices ranging from $139 for the table to $349 for a cabinet with drawers and glass doors.