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Infographic of the Day

Let AutoCAD Show You How To Mix More Than 70 Classic Cocktails

Drink like an engineer with these technical schematics of whiskey and non-whiskey based cocktails.

Let AutoCAD Show You How To Mix More Than 70 Classic Cocktails

When engineers meet after work for drinks, they design their cocktails the same way they design anything else, apparently: in the modeling software AutoCAD. Created by engineer Shaan Hurley, CAD Drinks is an engineer's breakdown of how to make more than 70 different cocktails: everything from a Tom Collins to a Sex on the Beach. Divided between whiskey and non-whiskey based cocktails, the two schematics can be downloaded, opened and tweaked in any AutoCAD reader. And they're astonishingly thorough.

Shaan Hurley

What I like about both of these schematics is how well they demonstrate the density of information, which engineers make their living organizing and visualizing. At first glance, I was ready to dismiss these CAD Drinks as a rather shallow visualization of what goes into making even classic cocktails. The opposite is true: once you learn to read the schematics, you'll see that each chart contains everything you need to know to mix a classic cocktail, right down to what glass you should serve it in and whether it should be shaken or stirred. The schematics even have advice on proper mixing technique—although as a guy who has made his share of flips, I disagree that ice should only be added after the main ingredient. (Add it at the very end and you'll never have to worry about your drink getting too diluted. )

That quibble aside, the CAD Drawing schematics have given me a newfound appreciation for the engineering mind.

You can download both of Hurley's AutoCAD Drinks files here.