Chameleon Jacket Changes Color Based On What You Touch

The Interacket, a concept by the Norwegian interactive and product design studio Drap og Design, is a light-up jacket lined with LEDs that change color according to the colors that the wearer touches. Touch a blue car, and blue light will slowly spread across the jacket’s sleeves. Touch a red stop sign with the other arm, and red light will spread up that side of the garment. And while it’s chameleon-inspired, it certainly won’t help you blend in.

“Interacket started off as an exploration in how a range of animals interact with their surroundings, as well as how they are seen by it,” Drap og Design’s Sven Håkon Voldum writes in an email to Co.Design. “In the beginning we looked at animals as different as bats, squid, and platypus, and researched how to mimic their unique qualities using electronics and wearables.”

Eventually, the designers would like to create a wider line of animal-inspired wearables, but so far, the Interacket is their only creation.

The outer layer of the jacket is just a simple painter’s suit, while the inner layer is made of a reflective foil created from emergency heating blankets. The jacket works using two Arduino chips and a color sensor made by the DIY electronics kit company Adafruit. The sleeves are lined with red, green, and blue LED lights.

A brightly lit, color-changing jacket might not have quite the camouflage capabilities of the famously hard to spot lizards (and surely it can’t work too well in daylight), but it could work as a nice layer of extra visibility walking or biking in the dark–just grab onto a flashlight. And it’s certainly a neat party trick, especially for those who have trouble settling on just one outfit. You could change colors in every room you move through!

[h/t CNET]