• 10.24.14

Ikea’s New Desk Goes From Sitting To Standing With The Push Of A Button

Sit. Swoosh. Stand.

Ikea’s New Desk Goes From Sitting To Standing With The Push Of A Button


Anyone who has priced a convertible desk that he or she can both sit and stand at knows it’s an expensive proposition that can quickly reach into four digits. If only Ikea made one in birchwood veneer, or something.

Voilà! Ikea presents its updated Bekant line of convertible desks. The 63”x31” desktop, which supports 150 pounds, can rise as tall as four feet with the push of a button, thanks to a set of telescoping legs. The legs are made of powder coated steel and the desktop is, yes, good old birch veneer.

The purported benefits of standing desks are plentiful, and believe it or not, standing at work can be pretty addictive. This might blow your mind, but I’m even writing this, right now, while standing.

I’m a bit confused by the lift mechanism Ikea is using here. At first, we’d assumed the legs worked just like a pneumatic chair, which uses pressurized gas to telescope up. But the Ikea product catalog describes an “electric underframe,” implying that the Berkant may be hiding some sort of motor or pump to work.

The Berkant convertible desk will be available for $490 and comes with a 10-year limited parts warranty. And if the Berkant is appealing, you might be into this $400 Kickstartered alternative, too.

Update: A previous version of this story stated that the Berkant sit/stand desk is available now. Ikea had announced that availability in error.

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