Make Your Own Cardboard Robot

Goodbye, clunky metal robots. A neat new ‘bot from a German robotics design studio is a DIY affair that lets any Maker with an X-Acto knife slap together a programmable, moving machine.

ZURI’s exterior structure is just paper and cardboard, and can be assembled with a few basic tools, like a ruler, glue, and a razor blade. The kit comes with servomotors (mechanisms that allow the robot to move) and controllers, plus a Bluetooth module so you can hook your ‘bot up to wireless.

Daniel Kocyba

The system was created by Zoobotics, a Hamburg, Germany-based design studio that makes robots, does interface design for medical devices, and more. The modular robotic system features different and body designs, creating a dozen different configurations for the robot, each with a slightly different gait and programming difficulty. The body can either be a small hexagon or a long octagon, and there are two leg lengths.

Check it out in action:

Zoobotics imagines ZURI being used in the classroom to teach kids robotics, and how modeling, electronics, and programming come together to create a working robot.

Right now, ZURI is just a prototype, but look out for a crowdfunding campaign in the next few months to take it to market.