Fake Flames Tell You When Samsung’s Induction Stove Gets Hot

Induction cooking feels like magic the first time you try it. Without heat, flames, or glowing red coils, your pots get really hot, really fast, thanks to the invisible power of magnetism. But that mind-bending magic also creates a physical disconnect between cooking and heating.

Samsung has created a solution. Instead of a using a digital display that shows a power level or pan temperature as most induction cooktops do, it deploys blue LEDs to simulate gas flames. Their new NE58H9970WS/AA range adds a semicircle of spiky light to your pot to signal when the heat is on, and just like a real gas flame, it increases in volume and brightness as the temperature rises.

Why would Samsung simulate flames at all when its technology operates via magnetic wave? Isn’t this just another blatant form of skeuomorphism? For people who have never tried induction cooking, the concept of a bigger LED flame equating to a hotter pot is something that they can grasp intrinsically. Furthermore, the glowing light allows you to read the burner from across the room, seeing if you left it on by accident. Perhaps most importantly, it’s a reminder that, while induction burners look sleek and cool, they still get really hot and could burn you.

The NE58H9970WS/AA is available now for $3,700. For that much, we sort of wish they’d wrapped the LEDs all the way around the pot.

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[h/t Slate]