Cool, Weird Halloween Costumes You Can Pull Out Of A Printer

Need a last-minute Halloween costume? Print yourself out one of these beautiful papercraft masks.

Designed by Steven Wintercroft, a mask maker who specializes in selling his designs online, these masks are downloadable as PDF templates, which can be easily printed out and assembled at home with some scissors and glue.

The masks are charmingly low-poly, almost as if they were plucked from the head of a particularly tasteful Second Life avatar, circa 2006. There are a lot of options, too. You can go as a pumpkin, a skull, a werewolf, a stormtrooper, a fox, an owl, and more. Each mask template costs $7.25.

If you’re a gamer with a spare letterman jacket around, here’s a great last moment costume idea you can put together in a flash using these masks: go as Jacket, the animal mask-wearing psychopath assassin from the amazing 2012 arcade game, Hotline Miami. You’re welcome!

Download Wintercroft’s wonderful mask designs here.