Hello Kitty Has Taken Over L.A.’s Hippest Hotel, And It Is Insane

Downtown L.A. is currently playing host to the first-ever Hello Kitty convention, the beloved Sanrio character who is definitely not a cat. In honor of the occasion, Hello Kitty Con’s official hotel partner, the Line Hotel, has decked out some of its rooms in full Hello Kitty regalia from interior designer Sean Knibb.

As part of Hello Kitty’s 40th-anniversary celebration, select rooms and a VIP lounge have been converted into plush pink shrines to the uber-cute Sanrio character in what can only be described as a preteen Japanophile’s wildest dream come to life. (Or possibly the set to Avril Lavigne’s next music video.) The rooms, sold as a “Super Sweet Stay Package,” are”full of supercute surprises,” according to the hotel.

But the VIP lounge, located in one of the hotel’s suites, is the real treat. This insane altar to one of Japan’s biggest pop culture exports includes genius interior design choices like Hello Kitty toilet paper and Band-Aids lining the walls, miniature Hello Kitty stuffed toys decorating the bathroom vanity, and a quilt made up of even bigger stuffed Hello Kitty toys.

Some of the Line’s hip boutique touches remain. Exposed concrete walls are splattered with just a little pink. A toilet stall is decorated with a faux-punk graffiti, only some of which is cat-related (geographic references like “Wilshire” and “KTown” appear next to more on-theme scribbles like “Meow”).

One thing is certain. This spectacle of fierce kawaii fandom has to be seen to be believed. Sadly, the rooms are all sold out. But all hotel guests can enjoy the lounge–at least until Hello Kitty’s exclusive birthday bash starts on Saturday.

[h/t Curbed]